Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Soaring conditions

Saturday was great until it wasn't. I flew with Stu Mercer an inactive member but who joined us originally in 1986. We had a great time but cloud base was around 3600 msl and that limited us somewhat. It was quite windy with significant wind chill. Yves Nollet flew with Jim and also had a great flight until the weather closed in but that is spring. Sunday was much better with same winds but sunshine. Lots of us got over 8000 MSL but a few of us got into wave and had to leave it due to lack of Oxygen. I had O2 but it wasn't turned on so I had to leave the wave but it was fun anyway. Jim flew with Robert and Gavin Ken took a couple of flights. Mike and Lori flew their MC and we all had a good time. Doug towed and did his usual good job. Virgil M. and Bob D. did an excellent job as Base Managers.