Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday, May 30th

One of the earliest operational starts on record for the club! At approximately 8 AM, Cindy towed Jim Morzillo, flying the 1-26, to GFL to participate in a fly-in breakfast. This served as advertisement for the club and the sport of soaring. The 1-26 and Pawnee generated much interest and at least one person is going to call Jim Morzillo to arrange for an introductory ride.

Jim Morzillo, following a “light breakfast”, then towed the 1-26, piloted by Fred Woll, back to 5B2. They arrived around 10:15 AM to find the SSA wash and wax in full gear. Thanks to Tony for organizing this event and all that participated in the wash and wax – the fleet looks great!!!

We then started normal flight operations. The strong and varying winds made for some interesting takeoffs and landings, but many people found it to be an excellent soaring day. Bob, in 2LE, and Doug, in AW, led the day in length of flight and altitude gains. Rick also did an outstanding job in the 1-26.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25th

In the words of Jim Morzillo, "It doesn't get much better than this!" It was a beautiful Monday with comfortable temperatures and unlimited visibility. Jim Morzillo started the day with a couple of introductory rides for prospective members. Club and privately owned ships then started to launch in what proved to be an enjoyable afternoon of soaring. Bob flew 2LE for several hours with altitude gains in excess of 9,000'. Doug flew AW for the first time this season and had similiar success. Fred flew XX and almost beat the tow plane back, but thanks to a thermal on downwind was able to make a save and stay aloft for close to 2 hours. Many people were reporting wave conditions northeast of 5B2!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11th

The soaring forecast proved reliable today. Everyone that showed up for the weekday operation had a great flight. John C. led the accomplishments with a 5+ hour flight in the 1-26. Jim P. wasn't far behind with a 4+ hour flight in the ASW-19B, completing the triangle 4 times in the process. Lori M. flew MC and Jim M. and Cindy B. each had a flight in I1. Jim M. and Fred W. had a 1.5 BFR flight in the Grob and experienced thermals with cores of 8-10 knots and got close to cloud bases at 6,700'. Everyone could have stayed up longer, but were complaining of cold feet, small bladders, sore butts, etc. Even Cindy B. was seen thermaling the Pawnee after one of her tows ;-)