Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Beautiful Autumn Day!!!

Brisk temperatures did not deter members from having another enjoyable day at 5B2. Doug was kept busy with 14 tows. XX accounted for 3 of those tows. Jim Pospisil is pictured departing on the first flight of XX. Mike and Lori, in the 2-33, matched skills with Tony in the 1-26. Later in the day, Jim (I1), Fred (XX) and Cindy (49R) shared a weak autumn thermal.

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Rick said...

Many thanks to everyone who hung around on a cold Saturday morning to help me with my checkride and many more thanks to all of the other club members for their help over the past few seasons. And a special thank you to the CFIG's for their patience, encouragement, and willingness to share their knowledge and skills with me.