Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11th

The soaring forecast proved reliable today. Everyone that showed up for the weekday operation had a great flight. John C. led the accomplishments with a 5+ hour flight in the 1-26. Jim P. wasn't far behind with a 4+ hour flight in the ASW-19B, completing the triangle 4 times in the process. Lori M. flew MC and Jim M. and Cindy B. each had a flight in I1. Jim M. and Fred W. had a 1.5 BFR flight in the Grob and experienced thermals with cores of 8-10 knots and got close to cloud bases at 6,700'. Everyone could have stayed up longer, but were complaining of cold feet, small bladders, sore butts, etc. Even Cindy B. was seen thermaling the Pawnee after one of her tows ;-)

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